History of Pablo Snus

Pablo belongs to NGP Empire, a leading snus manufacturer based out of Lithuania. NGP Empire is responsible for creating other brands like Killa nicotine pouches. You could say that NGP is at the forefront of the market when it comes down to pure strength and all-white nicotine. Pablo is, in a sense, a little brother to Killapods.

If you love strong nicotine pouches, then Pablo is the perfect brand. Pablo is a brand known for its outstanding and strong products. It's one of the many reasons why seasoned nicotine lovers flock to Pablo. There are brands like VELO and ZYN, but their products are mellow and designed for beginners. On the other hand...

pablo snus

Buy Pablo Nicotine Pouches (For the Veterans)

Pablo is a brand known for its extra-high nicotine levels. The lowest nicotine concentration that Pablo offers is around 30 mg of nicotine. It doesn't sound much, does it? On average, nicotine products from VELO and ZYN contain around 3 to 10 mg of nicotine.

Pablo delivers around five times the usual dose of nicotine. And as if that wasn't enough, the strong dose of nicotine is enhanced by the fresh flavours of mint, menthol, spearmint, and light hints of tobacco. The nicotine in these pouches is so high that it's almost illegal, just like Pablo Escobar. It now begs the question...

Pablo Pouches Are For:

Pablo is one of the strongest nicopods on the market, with extremely high nicotine content. Only experienced nicotine users should use these products. These products could prove dangerous for novices. You won't incur mortal harm from taking one of the strongest nicotine pouches, but it could cause nausea, dizziness, and other unsightly side effects.

Please use them only if you've used strong snus and nicotine pouches before. Ideally, only heavy smokers who want to quit smoking through a tobacco-free alternative should use these products. Also, a fair bit of warning, all nicotine pouches contain addictive chemicals which are not fit for children or pregnant women. Anyone below 18 should generally stay away from nicotine.

Best Pablo Nicotine Pouches

There are different varieties of Pablo pods with varying tastes and nicotine content. Pablo has some good hitters, and you should probably try them all out. However, if it were up to us, we'd try some of the best ones first. The products that we'd try first are:

These pouches are a testament to Pablo's nicotine legacy. The strong nicotine kicks from these pouches could even rouse Snow White from her eternal slumber. You should try Strawberry Cheesecake no matter what.

It's an unconventional flavor that diverts from the usual strong mint flavor that most nicotine brands pursue. If you want more options like this or other classic options, check out the whole inventory.

Buy Your Pablo Nicopods With Fast Shipping

By now, your hands are probably itching to get your hands on a can of Pablo. The problem, however, is that Pablo isn't your everyday brand. You might not find it at your local mart. The Mango and Cheesecake flavoured cakes are even harder to find. You might not even find them with some online retailers.

So what should you do? Are you doomed to a life of Pablo-less-ness? (I know that isn't a word!)

Don't worry because you can now buy Pablo nicotine pouches online with Snusdaddy. And by every pouch, we mean Frosted Ice, Mango Ice, and Strawberry Cheesecake. We have them all. And the best part is that you can buy them at excellent prices.

You'll even get a fantastic discount if you're buying nicotine bags or Swedish snus online in bulk. Pay our Special Deals section visit for extra discounted prices. So order away and enjoy fast shipping with Snusdaddy. If you order right now, you'll receive your order within 3 to 5 working days.

How should you use pablo nicotine pouches?

You take a bag out of the can and pop it under your upper lip. These bags have one of the fastest nicotine absorption rates, so you will feel the nicotine kick within a minute or two. Once the nicotine kick starts waning, you can take the bag out. Most people keep it in for about 30 minutes.

Is Pablo snus the strongest nicotine pouch in the world?

The strongest nicotine pouches in the world is FEDRS. It has a whopping nicotine concentration of 63 mg/g, twice the amount of most Killa/Pablo pods. FEDRS is synonymous with DANGER for novices.

Why you should order Pablo snus in an online shop?

It is entirely up to you how long you enjoy a pouch, but we recommend 15-30 minutes for maximum effect of the nicotine and optimized taste experience. Pablo nicopods were initially developed as a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes.

This is to save both the smoker and its surroundings from all the negative effects that cigarettes have. If you are missing something in our snus shop, you are always welcome to contact us.